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If I'm the Creator, why am I still fat?


If we are sparks of God and we are creators, then why aren’t I thin and rich? Clearly, I’m missing something! So how does it work? Now here’s a Universal Law that we embraced with open arms. When the book The Secret came out everyone bought it. It was a best seller. Why? We like money. But how do you do it? (Just give me topline bullet point version please). There’s more to it than is in the book; you know that if you’ve read it a million times, watched the Netflix version, have walls covered with vision boards and you still don’t get shit, you know.

Here’s the trick to manifestation that most of us miss. There’s another Universal Law (there’s a bunch of them) but to illustrate this point… We must take it a step further and be in a place of allowing or in the receptive mode in order to receive the gift.

First you need to be crystal Clear on what you are manifesting. Clear and specific. Then we need to “ask aright” meaning how we word the manifestation matters. For example if we say, “I want a hundred dollars.” The Universe responds, Okay, you Want $100. You will remain in a state of wanting until you stop wanting and start allowing. You are essentially pushing the $100 away from yourself, just out of reach, so you remain in a state of wanting it. I want my dream job, same thing. The dream job exists, just out of reach. The Universal Law is extremely literal like a computer. The clearest explanation I’ve heard is Alison Ailfinn Allan interviewed by Kari (Silver Linings) Mena on the Shiny Show (below).


Alison Ailfinn Allan on Manifesting using the Matrix Grid; timestamp 8:10 min.

Then we play a game called ‘act as if’. The more you can imagine having that $100, Abraham calls it “milking it” imagine yourself going to the mailbox, there’s an envelope there that looks like a check, it is!!! Opening it, bring it to the bank, deposit it! I feel so good, I needed that money and now I have it! I finally buy that new sweater or get your hair done; buy new software, whatever makes you feel good. See yourself doing it, feel yourself having it. And so it is. By the way, the Universe doesn’t know the difference between $100 and $1,000,000! So if you are manifesting checks for $100, you can easily add a few zeros. The Universe loves to give you exactly what you ask for!

One thing to note here, The Universe doesn’t joke. It gives you exactly what you ask for just like a computer. You input a command and there is an output for that command. It’s important to know that if you jokingly put yourself down, like I’ve got to get my fat ass off this couch. Then are manifesting a fat ass for yourself. The Universe doesn’t understand that you are joking. It hears fat ass, and fat ass you get. Take care with your words. Words have power.

In fact, the simple formula for manifestation is Thought, Word, and Deed. We first Think it (visualize) which carries some weight but really planting the seed, then we Speak it (say and hear); thus, giving that thought more power, more momentum; and finally act on it. Tony Robbins tells us to take “Massive Action” toward a goal. That’s what he’s talking about. It’s like pressing the gas pedal giving it more power, more juice. You are breathing life into your creation. Test it out. Start small and test the Universe. See what happens.


Florence Scovel Shinn The Game of Life and How to Play It & Your Word is Your Wand

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