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Keep it light.


The point of breathing is connecting. We want to tune into the good stuff. Align with high-vibrational or high-frequency thoughts. If a thought makes you feel good, it’s good. If a thought makes you feel bad, it’s bad (for you). Abraham Hicks explains this as being ‘in the vortex’ or ‘out of the vortex’ good – higher vibration; bad – lower vibration. The reason it’s important to maintain a higher vibration is because it’s easier for God and our Angels to reach us when we take it up a notch. We humans on Earth are in a heavy dense vibration in 3-Dimensional (3-D) reality. It’s LOW. It’s SLOW. Like walking through mud. They are already slowing down their vibration a lot to reach us so let’s meet them halfway and crank it up a bit.


Abraham Hicks

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