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You knew I was going there, right? Yes, we are not alone and no this is not scary. ET’s have gotten a bad rap here on Earth. The truth is we are all from somewhere and most of us are a mixed bag of genetics from different species of other galaxies. There are tons of them (us); They are us and we are everywhere! Like people, there are nice ones and not-so-nice ones, but the good aliens outweigh bad aliens; no need to freak out if you catch one in your peripheral vision, see one in a dream or even in meditation. When you’re ready they will start to show themselves in ways that won’t be too scary. There are many races from other planets and other dimensions. In fact many races are actively trying to assist humanity in our ascension journey such as the Arcturians from Arcturus and Pleiadeans from the Pleiades. This will be revealed soon too but not in a way that’s going to terrify the masses and cause mass hysteria. There’s a lot of info out there and I want to share one of Pamela Aaralyn’ s YouTube videos where she describes different races and species of aliens and shows pictures of what they look like, how they sound, and where they are from. But just like your Mom might be Irish and your Dad is English, we are all mutts. There is really no such thing as just a pure human anymore. We’ve all been altered in some way.


Pamela Aaralyn on E.T. Races & Galactic Origins (how they look and sound to her).

Gigi Young on Reptilians

Alison Ailfinn Allan on The Shiny Show: Channeling Gaia

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