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What's your (BS) Belief System?

So, as I grew in consciousness, I began to question everything. It was terrifying at first, extremely uncomfortable, overwhelming, exhausting, then liberating, and finally empowering! But it’s a process that takes time; not just days, weeks, but years. This is the process of Awakening.

How do we know the truth when we are inundated with so much information, including the news, films, TV, internet, cell phones, Facebook, and YouTube? It’s constantly coming at us from every direction; how can a mere mortal process all that data and remain sane or balanced.

We can! We are all born with an internal bullshit meter, called our Emotional Guidance System. We Feel the Truth in every cell of our body; it resonates within our soul. If it feels good, it’s a Yes. If it feels bad, it’s No. Abraham Hicks talks about this at length, they call it being in the Vortex (high vibrational) or being out of the Vortex, (lower vibration). When Jesus Christ said, “Everything you need to know is already within you.” He meant that literally. We are Christ Consciousness, we are Sparks of God, the Divine, Source.

We are God expressing Itself. Sparks of God. Oneness. Too much? Does your head hurt?

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