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Whose running this joint?


Okay, we’re going to go into some deep stuff here. Hold onto your hats. We are 3-part beings, your Mind, your Body and your Spirit or Soul. So, if I am not my Mind and I am not my Body, who the heck am I? Well. Here’s where the spark of God thing comes in again. One day God says to Himself, I know I exist but it’s no fun with no one outside myself to relate to. So, God exploded Itself into smaller pieces in order to get a reference point, all the way down to Us. Our Oversoul is huge on the other side, way too much energy for our little bodies to contain. So, Our Oversoul also divided itself into fractals in order to animate a human body and have a life experience. Our oversoul is larger, closer to Source. Certain souls choose to incarnate in order to grow in the fastest most condensed way. Before we are born, we plan out major themes, write a blueprint if you will, for our lives based on what our soul wants to achieve. Then we invite other souls, usually within our soul families, to join us and assist us in our objective by playing agreed-to roles. They agree because they love us so much; we all do this for each other. We choose our parents, siblings, spouses, friends, pets! We write the script! Can you imagine? One thing I learned is that souls compete on the other side for the honor of having a disability, disease, or “defect”. These are coveted opportunities for massive soul growth and considered an honor reserved for the most advanced souls.

Anyway, the point is, our soul is running the show. It does seem like “we” are our minds, or we are our bodies, but they are simply the vessel we use to have the human experience. We do many of us get very attached to them! But it’s the squeaky wheel thing; our minds (egos) never shut up and our bodies are a pain in the ass too. Aches, pains, constantly needing to be fed, watered – needy, needy, needy!

Okay. I get all this intellectually, but I still don’t quite grasp it.

If my soul is in charge, why do I feel so out of control? Here’s the thing, our minds are so powerful, and they are chattering all the time, non-stop and we feel like we have no control over our own minds, our own thoughts! The truth is we have Total Control over our minds. It just takes a bit of awareness and a tiny discipline (meditation).


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev 2017 - Sadhguru’ s AMAZING Chicago Book Tour Talk 2017

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