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Why am I here and when can I leave?

Okay, so like many of you and (odds are if you’re reading this) you are one of three waves of Volunteers. Gaia sent a clarion call throughout the Universe for help. As much as she loves humans, we are essentially parasites living on her back sucking her dry. At some point, with all the plastic, pollution, medication, unnatural substances dumped on her, coupled with tearing up jungles, trees, essential natural resources needed to achieve the delicate balance of the ecosystem, she cannot cleanse herself. She has been gasping for help for a while now. Many, millions of us, heard her cry for help and came without hesitation, we volunteered to come here and help Mother Earth ascend. But first we had to wake up ourselves and then get the collective to raise their consciousness and further hold it high enough to make that possible. This is what we are succeeding at right now with the spiritual awakening or the Ascension. Delores Cannon wrote in depth about the three waves of volunteers. We call ourselves Star Seeds because we came from other planets, other galaxies, and even different species! We are the pioneers, the Way Showers, and the Light Workers. We are Extremely Brave and Gentle Warriors here to fight the good fight. (Give yourself some credit)! So, if you are wondering what’s the meaning of life or what your mission is this is it! We are here right now to do this. We are in a fight for our lives literally. For our survival of humanity and to save Gaia. The reason I’m blurting out all this info at this time is because I simply cannot sit back and let others do all the heavy lifting. I have seen you struggle through ascension symptoms, through exhaustion to show the way and I have so much respect and gratitude to the BRAVEST souls who put themselves out there on the front lines, open to criticism, ridicule, my hat is off to you and it’s your shoulders I stand on your now.

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