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Along with Grounding, Spiritual protection is important at times. If you are feeling unsafe or under siege, simply ask Archangel Michael for protection. You can ask him to guard your person, your home, your car, extend it out to the neighborhood if you are feeling neighborly. The point is AA Michael carries a Huge Sword. He is the Warrior and Protector for God. He will do anything for us humans, regardless of our religion or belief system. Angels are non-denominational, meaning if you are Jewish or Islamic, and ask AA Michael for protection, he shows up instantly. He’s not hanging back saying, “Nah, you really gotta be Catholic for this Guy to make the trip.” Even though Angels appear in a lot of Christian artwork, Angels aren’t religious. That’s our stuff down here. Each Archangel has a specialty where AA Gabriel is communication, the Angel of the Annunciation, announcing the Birth of Jesus Christ; Raphael is known for healing. Archangel Michael is historically known as the Protector or Warrior of light. He is fast and fierce but only for Good, for Godliness, all things Light and Good.


Kristin Davies on (How the Angels Protect You)

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