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How's your Feng Shui?


Once we get a handle on the mind and whose running things, it’s time for a tune up. As we learn to quiet our mind, and control our own thoughts, we become aware of our thoughts and finally realize we have control over our thoughts! We don’t need to put up with this abuse! If another person said what I’ve said to myself, I’d pop them! Why would I hurt my own self? Simply becoming aware of our thoughts is huge. It’s the beginning of healing.


Another basic concept of spirituality is Grounding. What does it mean to ground oneself or to ground our energy? We are energetic beings. We are each vibrating at a frequency that determines how calm and in control we feel. Think of it like an electrical wire, unless it’s ground to something to neutralize it, it is considered a live wire and can be quite dangerous. Grounding our energy body to something bigger, ideally Mother Earth, provides a feeling of calmness, control, safety, and order that feels a lot better than a live wire dancing and sparking out of control. Gaia, Mother Nature, Earth is alive. She is a conscious being who graciously allows us to live on her or off her more accurately. We are like ticks on her back sucking the life out of her. We have not been good stewards of Gaia up until very recently. As we humans are going through the process of ascension, so is our host planet ascending. We are holding a frequency high enough to allow her to ascend. We are interconnected. The best way is to ground your energy frequency to Gaia’s frequency. Then we are really tuned into each other and can maximize assisting each other during the ascension process.

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