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Clean up your act.


In order to hold a high vibrational frequency, we need to clean house.

When a negative thought comes up, gently hand it off to your Angels, your Spirit Guides, known as your ‘Team’.

They will encapsulate that negative energy sending it back into the Universe for healing and transmutation; back into love and light.

Kristin Davies has a great way of explaining this as “Red Rooming” where you essentially warn your team that you are ready to release some negative thoughts, stream of consciousness or rage. That way your team is prepared to capture and transmute the energy in real time, so they don’t have a mess to clean up after we blow a gasket.

You may need to do this 20-30 times a day; just keep doing it until you have fewer negative thoughts.

Now you are really cleaning up your frequency and can hold a higher vibration for longer. You are officially part of the Solution!!! Well done you!!!


Kristin Davies on “Red Rooming” (releasing negative thoughts).

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