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What’s the goal here? Firstly, we humans need to wake up and we are. We are really doing it. Second, we need to consciously hold our vibrations high enough to help Gaia Ascend. Third, and for some, this is the ultimate, to achieve Christ Consciousness. What does that mean? Well, we’ve all heard of the Second Coming of Christ. That Chris will return some day, the Rapture, End Days, you’ve heard of it. But this isn’t Armageddon or the End of Time; the Earth isn’t going to explode, and we aren’t going to die in a fiery explosion of Hellish proportions. What we are doing now is actively and peacefully entering the Age of Enlightenment, The Golden Age, The Age of Aquarius, 25,000 years of peace on Earth, the return of the Garden of Eden on Earth. Gaia is taking it up a notch and we’re along for the ride! Christ will be reborn in another Human incarnation, but the second coming is Christ Consciousness in all of us, each of us will finally get it and own it. We all will lead with Christ consciousness, kinder, gentler, for the common good. What’s best for most not just a few. Less greed, short-sightedness. To get to this point we are going to have to go through some Tower moments. Like some natural disasters, and some diseases like H1N1 and Corona but some ugly stuff is going to come to the light of day. Unsavory truths that have been buried, hidden, concealed for a long time. Organized religion like the scandals in the Catholic Church, the Banking System, the Royal Family, other extremely wealthy families, things formerly hidden will be revealed. We need to deal with them in order to heal from them.


The Sacred Secret of The Christ Within by Santos Bonacci

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