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Just breathe.

You’ve heard it before! BREATHE!!!! The most basic start to everything; the breath. When in doubt, breathe. Let’s not overcomplicate this, just breathe in and out. You can’t get this wrong!

Let’s do it together:

1. Breathe in. breathe out.

2. In and out.

3. In and out

Oops - don’t look now - but you are meditating!!!

Yep. It’s as simple as that you can do it any time any place. At the office, in a meeting, at home, on a walk, in a train, in the rain… you get the point. The reason I call it breathing vs. meditating is because we in the Western world like to complicate things into oblivion. Meditation for example, is not something you can’t do right. You can’t mess this up, you guys.

It’s just that simple.

1. Breathe (see above)

2. Quiet the mind

3. Well done!!! You are now someone who meditates! Tell your friends!

Don’t misunderstand my jovial tone as discounting the importance of breathing and meditation. In all seriousness, I think they are the 2 most critical foundation stones of living a peaceful life. The most advanced souls (Christ, Buddha, Maharishi) made the path to ascension their life’s work and ultimately achieved spiritual enlightenment. But we don’t have to be an Ascended Master or Guru to achieve enlightenment. And, achieving enlightenment is not a requirement for being in control of your mind and body either. While it’s not unattainable for normal people, it does require commitment and discipline. Let’s take in phases, shall we?

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