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The signs are everywhere!

How else can the Universe communicate with us if not for signs and symbols. The Universe uses everything it has, TV ads, songs on the radio, animals, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, literal signs like billboards, license plates, magazine ads and even leaving coins, feathers, buttons. When you hear or see something that makes you think of someone on the other side, BELIEVE IT!! Spirit uses electricity because it’s a conductor and (we are all energy) so TV, radio, cell phones, microwave, alarm clocks, dishwashers, appliances, ceiling fans, lights. When you see the signs BELIEVE then!

God, our higher selves, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Jesus, Angels, they talk to us through signs and symbols. But in order to hear, you must be aware and then when you do see a sign, don’t discount it as a coincidence or I imagined that; it didn’t really happen. We do this all the time! It’s like we got it completely backward! This is the stuff that really matters and most of us completely ignore it, discount it, openly laugh it off and ridicule those who believe as flakes or crazy. The irony of this is this is the key to our personal power. It’s all internal, inside each of us. We are way more powerful than we know. We are powerful creators. So powerful, we are literally creating our own reality every second of every day. It’s all YOU.

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